The original Deus ex is a hard game to live up to especially since its been so long since a major title in this franchise so hype was very high for this game as expected (Personally I felt before playing this that game was going to be another duke Nukem forever). But Deus EX really surprised me its a tight really well made game.

It’s also very visually diverse when compared to most other game’s with its primary colors being yellow and black which is welcome from the gritty browns in used to seeing

The game takes place in many locations around the world including Detroit and Shanghai in the year 2027. Humanity has gone into a new Renaissance and people have started replacing their body parts with mechanized parts (the game calls this augmentation). There are to main groups in the people

Purists: people against augmentation who feel that augmenting our body parts is morally wrong and that we sacrifice our humanity in the process

And people who support augmentation because they feel this the next evolutionary steep for humans (they don’t really have a name from what I can gather)

In this game you play as Adam Jensen a ex-swat police officer who is now working for Sarif industries (the company which augments people)

(This Guy)

Adam is preparing to go to Washington D.C. and he is in charge of the security from the airport to to Capitol hill while he is in the CEO’s office talking to the head of Sarif industries their is a security alert in one of the levels and Adam has to stop the attackers (this serves as a tutorial for players) at the end of the tutorial he is badly injured (after been thrown through a window)  and to make things better for him hes shot for good measure

Adam is dieing and cant be stabilized due to the injuries he sustained. To save his life the CEO of seraph decides to augment Adam turning him into a super lethal cyborg

After this we learn that during the attack serif industries lost many of its top scientists one of which was Adams girlfriend after which Adam goes on a quest to find those responsible which escalates into a conspiracy theory for epic proportions

I wont go any further than that into the story to avoid spoilers

the story is very good but what really makes this game shine is the facet that the game lets you go deeper into it if you want all around the levels are computers and news papers that give you a insight into the world of Deus Ex. Another thing the game does is it references things your character does in game and how you did it on the in game news. The immersion level because of this is fantastic  its par on par with other epics like mass effect But don’t be amazed if this game reminds you of mass effect at times because the similarities are there its clear that the developers took a few notes form biowares notebook (not that that is a bad thing)

Whats most impressive about Deus ex is how each level can be approached in a different way for example i can avoid the combat and go in stealthy and hack a keypad to get to the objective or I can run in with a machine gun and mow the bad guys down with a assault rifle. This freedom is what makes Deus ex great it allows you to play as you choose  and rewards you for it too with experience points to augment your self further for example you can get a augmentation that turns you temporally invisible allowing you to sneak past a patrol or another thing you can do is charm people into helping you

All of these features really add to Gameplay its a pity that during the game you are occasionally thrown feet first into boss battles so if you’ve saved up on all you sneaky augmentations your out of luck because you cant sneak past these fights and you have to kill the boss so the game turns into a first person shooter where mindlessly shooting is the only goal. So if your not a big fan of boss battles where you spend twenty minutes fighting the same person your out of luck

Damn this stealth augmentation isnt helping

The worst part is that you cant change your augmentations on the fly like Crysis  2 where if stealth doesn’t work you can change in the blink of an eye into a walking tank in that sense the game is a little cruel but it does make it challenging for you to play

These boss battles and loading times that are a tad to long are really the only the really bad aspect’s of a other wise amazing game I would recommend you get this and give it a go