Let me just get this out of the way Battlefield 3 alpha is amazing if Battlefield 3 is anything like it they have a purchase from me (unfortunately I cant post any photos thanks to a non disclosed agreement but I can talk about it thanks to the face that the nda expired after august first )

The alpha consists of one map called operation metro a map in pairs. The map consists of four areas to capture and as usual the attackers have 75 lives to capture each base and each base is very varied from the last one. If your a lone wolf player your out of luck victory relays on your entire team and to make it harder the map funnels you as you go along. I think the attackers one one to two out of ten games I played so a lot of teamwork is necessary

The class have been also balanced very nicely no one is to powerful

Sniper has range but lacks short range power also snipers now have lens flare of their scopes so their position is blown instantly but to make their lives even more difficult their is idle sway off the rifle

Engineer is probably my favorite nothing has really changed just they use smgs and some carabine rifles and usually they have a rpg to defend themselves from tanks and choppers the repair tool has been replace with a blow torch which looks really nice throwing sparks in many directions

Assault is a nice class as well they have a medic pack defibrillators and assault rifles that have a lot of damage but have a heavy kick back with each fire

Last is support they have heavy weapons and ammo packs they are designed to suppress the other players naturally their weapons are the least accurate but have the fastest fire rate but you can get a biped which makes the weapon deadly accurate but the player looses mobility so a smart sniper will have a easy shot

Progression between the different bases is very nice for example after the first base has fallen two fighter jet come down and bomb part of the map giving the troops a way into the metro

Customization is very good in battlefield 3 sort of similar to Medal Of Honor (2010) you can change the barrel the sight and much more but of course each upgrade has a cost for example you can mount a heavy barrel which increases damage of each shot but increases the recoil   or a laser sight that isn’t always accurate but will shine in other peoples eyes ruining the stealth advantage you may have had everything is nicely balanced and its a good sign for the actual game

Assassinations are a new thing to melee combat in battlefield 3 in this you character pulls out the knife and stabs the other player in a quick gruesome fashion.  Usually putting it through the other person’s neck its a lot slower but unlike battlefield bad company 2 its guaranteed to kill them rather than slide over them or through them

Another improvement is that you can choose to survive a defibrillator shot in this game you kinda go into a second chance mode and it says something like press space to live and if you do you get up and walk it off

Battlefield is shaping up to be a great game with alot more progression and skill involved to play it i cant wait to see what dice have in store for us at release date