Halo Reach is a game about a group of special forces called Spartans and this game is focused on nobel team a group of 6 of these Spartans

the game is set around 2555 and humans have taken over every part of the milky way and run into an evil alien race who for no apparent reason just hate people (because you know aliens are always the bad guys) and your only objective form then on is just to shoot them in the face

The only problem is you begin to see errors in the game, for example the armor they wear apparently weights half a ton but yet they can jump run and use jet packs with ease, another thing is the jeeps and helicopters have no difficulty carrying four of five of them which is odd to say the least. Other things which are odd are things like at the start of the gameĀ  the people show no shock or horror that the evil group of aliens just landed on the planet oddly enough the people don’t even notice they are there until a week after they arrive, oddly no one decided to put radar on the planet (because after all that would be a stupid idea) and after that I could not stop see it and other plot holes

How did you guys get here

another thing is that the game tells you the ending at the very start of the game the first scene in the game is your characters helmet lying on the ground with a bullet hole through the visor (what do you think happened)

the other thing is that the members of noble team love to kill themselves one of them for example decides to blow up a big ship and then decides to stay on it (just to see what happens) another decides to crash his big fighter jet into the side of a giant robot its weird because the members of nobel team are dyeing noble deaths

this is not saying the game is bad it just is not perfect (in the single player department) there is a lot of thing to go crazy for like the multiplayer which is one of the most fleshed out i have seen in a good while and there is a map editing tool called forge which will entertain for years there is also a firefight mode which is you fighting against aliens until you die or get board

the single player isn’t bad either it does entertain for the eight hours you would play it also has a lot of set pieces that will amaze such as the level in space andĀ  others

in closing halo reach is a fun entertaining that any fps fan will enjoy its only down side is that it has a few minor flaws which let it down so if you play a game for single player this might be a rent but if you want a multiplayer focused game this is for you