White Collar is a interesting show it follows Niel Caffery an Art Forger, Charmer and a Con Artist. He breaks out of prison to find his girlfriend Kate who decides to leave him and go A.W.O.L. 


At the same time FBI agent Peter Burke is looking for a criminal they call the dutchman just as peter looses valuable evidence to catch him hes pulled off the investigation to find Niel Peter finds Niel at his girlfriends old apartment Niel is captured but he asked Peter for a meeting when hes back in prison

While at the meeting Niel asks to peter to set him free as a aid to the FBI in catching other criminals peter rectulently agrees but Niel has to wear a tracking anklet that only allows him with in two miles of his home

Once Niel is free he starts a mission (with his old friend mozzie) to find his girlfriend behind peters back while helping peter catch con-men all around New York

This is really the premise of white collar Niel and Peter make a good duo they are witty and come out with entertaining one liners at times but they never loose the serious side through out the entire series it makes them believable characters that you can like they also deliver  their lines with great emotion and strength

White Collar is a fascinating series that can keep you on the edge of your seat thought every episode if you haven’t checked it out yet you really should